Products & Services

We provide strategic advice and technical resource in the development of MedTech health services. We also have a range of existing medtech products available.

Managed clinical trials

Efficient planning and implementation of clinical trials

Hardware and software field testing

Practitioner-supervised testing of new tech in an ideal "walled garden" environment

Medical billing solutions

The only GPSoC assured billing solution available within the NHS supply chain

Home care software solutions

State-of-the-art software designed specifically for management of home care service data

Software development

Specialist medtech software development, with expert practitioner input

System integration & architecture

Defining structure and behaviours of medtech systems, and making sure that they function together perfectly

Business process analysis

Identifying individual medical business needs and bringing them to life with innovative tech solutions

Healthcare using 'Internet Of Things'

Healthcare devices and data, connected in a shared network

Data migration

Relocating medical data safely and securely

Sourcing of funding

Sourcing angel and VC funding for new medtech ventures

Med tech project management

Helping to achieve med tech goals with careful planning and expert knowledge

Enterprise web development

Bespoke medical web applications for individual organisations

Critical patient data solutions

Comprehensive patient data management and sharing

Jersey-based data warehousing

Store and analyse medical data remotely in the Channel Islands

Medical data records messaging solutions

Increase efficiency when sending sensitive medical data with secure messaging solutions

Summary care record applications

Tech solutions for faster access to medical records

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