Reflecting on Health Technology Day

September 11, 2015 Danny Bannister Image Author: Danny Bannister

In May, this year, we entertained Gregg Hardie, Head of Public Sector and Conan Kinnear, Head of Mobility at Samsung for Digital Jersey’s Health Technology Day.

It was a non-stop event from 7am until 10pm and we made sure that everyone, from developers to healthcare workers and even a couple of Ministers met with the Samsung team!

The event was attended by diverse members of the digital and healthcare community and our guests were inspired by everyone’s passion to drive health tech forward in Jersey. Here are a few of my reflections, looking back on the event:

A Digital States of Jersey
Our meetings focused on two main topics, namely; the various programs that could be implemented to improve Jersey’s current services, and the way in which we could build on the incubator status of the Island. We discussed many of the fantastic new ideas that could potentially make a significant impact to both the healthcare of the States and future business strategy for the Island as revenues are derived from the International healthcare community.

Sharing Information
During their business travels across the world Gregg and Conan had experienced first hand how public sector IT can benefit education, local government, central government, police and health care. They described how sharing information across States services could improve the way we work in Jersey, for example, if a social worker knows the person they are about to visit was arrested the week before, then the manner in which they approach the visit will change to enhance the outcome. This would only be possible if the States agreed to a shared system, giving all States workers access to the information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Wearable Technology and Apps
Wearable technology was a central topic for discussion and is something that the States of Jersey could use to their advantage. One example discussed was the way that patient experience could be improved by wearable tech eg) providing reminders when to take medication etc. We spoke to several developers who were creating a new breed of applications that could enhance individual patient experience and the efficiency of the clinicians treating them. It was extremely exciting to talk about the possibility of a telehealth initiative in Jersey using apps, this is something that could vastly improve the way we deliver our health care services. Telehealth uses telecommunication technology to aid patient’s self-management and to support care workers. Telehealth could be used in a number of ways, including helping patients with long distance clinical health care using live video, sharing patient health records between practitioners through secure systems and mobile health, which could promote and inform people with health related messages straight to their mobile devices.

As first time visitors to Jersey, the Samsung team were impressed with the quality of the event as a whole and the general attitudes from those in the community. These digitally focused conversations are integral to our future, not only for the future of health care, to benefit patients and States workers, but also from a business perspective.

Jersey has potential to be a great success as an incubator and we do have some very talent individuals working on technology that could benefit the States exponentially. Health Technology Day highlighted the desire to innovate and transform the way government services use technology, by adopting new, more efficient processes and systems. In order for this to happen we need every member of Jersey’s digital community to work towards the same goal. We need to let the world know that our Island is a center of excellence in the field of MedTech.

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