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October 26, 2015 Danny Bannister Image Author: Danny Bannister

The good news just keeps coming for medtech in Jersey! A product from the community, MediBooks, has been launched as the first ever third party product to be integrated under the new GP System of Choice (GPSoC) Framework into TPP’s SystmOne clinical software.

Securing the GPSoC accreditation marks a huge technical accomplishment for Jersey and the medical community as a whole. The GPSoC process exists to ensure that NHS GPs and practice staff have only the best technology to support their patients – and our MediBooks system is now the pioneer of this elite of assured products.

A staggering 5000 NHS businesses have now become available for us to approach through our new partnership with TPP, marking a pivotal moment for our growth. I am sure that from now our business can only go from strength to strength.

Our own success aside, let’s take a minute to look at what this means for Jersey as a whole.

Jersey now has a unique opportunity to promote itself to the wider health and tech communities. With the first NHS assured product under our belt, we must capitalise on this achievement by promoting the talent, expertise and strength of our tech community to let the world know that we are the next medtech ‘centre of excellence’.

In promoting our ability to create the best medtech products and building on our success in this field, we will be able to significantly increase the reputation of our technical offering, providing an alternative export model of skills, expertise and products to rival our established industries. In short, this would allow medtech to stand beside finance, agriculture and tourism as a main provider to the island’s economy.

All of this constitutes towards building a growing, thriving industry that can offer exciting opportunities for the next generation, meaning we can develop our islands digital skills and ensure our digital future, rather than have our young people leave to create careers overseas after university.

We already know that global corporates are seeking out jurisdictions to engage, support and partner with to succeed in medtech. We know that the global healthcare community is relentlessly seeking innovations and solutions and that there is currently a skills shortage in this area. We also know that our unique and compact local healthcare model sits outside the NHS and is ideally placed to test and trial new medtech products, allowing for organic growth and development.

We know that our island has the potential to be the UK’s hotbed for medtech innovation. Now we need let them know.

Through, Jersey is already becoming recognised for the innovation we can produce in this field. We are already gaining awareness and traction among the UK’s healthcare leaders through the NHS’ main clinical suppliers, the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), and we have caught the attention of global powerhouses including Samsung and Microsoft.

Jersey has been used consistently as a test bed for products and services and with the likes of Samsung on board, these relationship could provide solid, established routes for marketing locally developed innovations and to get our islands potential recognised on a global scale as the place to engage with for first class medtech innovation.

We need support and co-operation from the States of Jersey to help us to realise the challenges and opportunities that medtech will bring to Jersey. This is vital to our success as global corporates will only invest their time and money if they see industry and government working together without any barriers. This is something we are already working towards, with medtech having been a key topic for discussion at the recent IoD debate.

MediBooks embodies what we can offer as leaders in medtech - a solution to problems such as joining up different services for many healthcare establishments. It has succeeded in becoming a world first for NHS accreditation and has already created more digital jobs for our island.

Within the coming years I would like to see hundreds of new digital jobs created for local people. This is why we set up – to bring the technical community together and to put aside our competitive instincts for the greater good of the island.

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