MedTech Success for Jersey

September 16, 2015 Danny Bannister Image Author: Danny Bannister

It is an exciting time for Jersey in the world of MedTech. The success of MediBooks is helping to inspire others and drive innovation on the Island, and we are coming closer to achieving our vision of becoming a global MedTech centre of excellence.

MediBooks was initially designed to manage the income of a single local GP practice, the software soon took off, rapidly expanding to several practices simply by word of mouth! What began as a simple, rudimentary piece of software, designed in accordance to a four-page brief, has now evolved into something much bigger. MediBooks has been embraced by the healthcare community and is being rolled out will across the UK as the first product of its kind to have achieved full assurance from the NHS.

Our journey towards achieving this accreditation began when we realised that the NHS actually had no widely adopted system in place to manage their paid medical services. We saw this as an opportunity to innovate the NHS and to build on the success of MediBooks in the wider healthcare community. We made the decision to commit to earning the GP System of Choice (GPSoC) accreditation to establish MediBooks as the medical billing system of the NHS.

We are often asked why we designed medical billing software for the NHS, as most services provided by the NHS are free. The truth is, there is actually a whole range of services that GP practices provide that do require payment, for example, when you go on holiday you have to pay for your vaccinations. As each practice can provide different services there was no standard system to manage that income, and most are still using a paper system, which as well as being unfriendly to the environment, is also less safe in terms of privacy.

The accreditation process is carried out by the Health and Social Care Centre (HSCIC), who play a fundamental role in driving better care for patients and better technology for GP practices. The HSCIC are trusted to seek technical solutions that will strategically benefit the NHS. The GPSoC accreditation process primarily exists to ensure that only the best new technologies and systems are adopted by NHS and that they fulfil a purpose and innovate.

MediBooks has now filled a gap in the NHS by introducing electronic medical billing into healthcare organisations for the first time ever. It supports the NHS’ paperless working initiative replacing their paper billing process with a modern digital solution and will mean that also means patient information is safe on a secure system.

Gaining this accreditation will allow us to continue to expand our business and supply integrated medical billing throughout the healthcare industry as a trusted NHS supplier. The assurance is essentially an NHS stamp of approval, something we are very proud of, from a quality assurance point of view.

Through the support of the HSCIC, we have now partnered with some of the largest suppliers of clinical systems in the world, including EMIS Health, TPP and Microtest. Working with these companies to explore future global opportunities for MediBooks will be extremely exciting.

Jersey can also capitalise on the success of MediBooks. In the UK, healthcare, Government and corporates are driving to empower the patient with data and integrated systems like never before. This demand for healthcare innovation is heightened by the current shortage in digital healthcare skills, this means that there is a demand for new jurisdictions, products and intelligence to to fill this gap. Jersey has now proven that we have what it takes to compete on a global scale with our high quality and assured MediBooks system, which is now established in NHS supply chain. Coupled with a unique healthcare model that we can innovate around, I am confident that the global digital community will begin to realise our Island’s leading progress and our potential to offer the highest quality MedTech solutions and expertise.

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