University Hospital Jersey?

February 29, 2016 Andrew Mitchell Image Author: Andrew Mitchell

It is rare that an opportunity arises in Jersey to create a new pillar of the economy that will change not only the fortunes of Islanders but also their health. Read more.

7 technologies we want to see more of in 2016

January 06, 2016 Andrew Mitchell Image Author: Andrew Mitchell

Jersey's consultant cardiologist, Dr Andrew Mitchell (@mitcharj) of Carmen Health, publishes his wish list of the medical and health-related technologies he'd like to see in wider use in Jersey in 2016, from the most basic to the most cutting edge. Read more.

Jersey and the Medtech SME

December 10, 2015 Chris Crockford Image Author: Chris Crockford

Jersey provides a simple island test environment with the perfect balance of regulation, population, clinical experience and capital. Read more.

Zuri: using technology to innovate home care

November 02, 2015 Matthew Robins Image Author: Matthew Robins

The spirit of innovation is very much alive in Jersey. Members of are building towards securing our Island’s future as a globally recognised medtech centre by bringing visions to life using cutting-edge technology. Zuri, a new product for the home care industry, exemplifies this. Read more. Makes NHS History

October 26, 2015 Danny Bannister Image Author: Danny Bannister

The good news just keeps coming for medtech in Jersey! A product from the community, MediBooks, has been launched as the first ever third party product to be integrated under the new GP System of Choice (GPSoC) Framework into TPP’s SystmOne clinical software. Read more.

The IoD Jersey Debate: Healthcare in Jersey

October 12, 2015 Paul M White Image Author: Paul M White

After the excellent IoD Jersey Debate on Health and Education on 17 September, we are very fortunate to have panelist Paul White as a guest blogger summarising some of the views he shared. Read more.

Reflections on Jersey’s First Digital Health Hackathon

October 09, 2015 Matthew Robins Image Author: Matthew Robins

The team were excited about the digital health theme of the most recent Hackathon in Jersey. Our work stretches across a range of sectors, operating at many different levels of policymaking, but it’s especially exciting to see individuals at a grassroots level working together to develop innovative digital health solutions. Read more.

MedTech Success for Jersey

September 16, 2015 Danny Bannister Image Author: Danny Bannister

It is an exciting time for Jersey in the world of medtech. The success of MediBooks is helping to inspire others and drive innovation on the Island, and we are coming closer to achieving our vision of becoming a global medtech centre of excellence. Read more.

Reflecting on Health Technology Day

September 11, 2015 Danny Bannister Image Author: Danny Bannister

In May, this year, we entertained Gregg Hardie, Head of Public Sector and Conan Kinnear, Head of Mobility at Samsung for Digital Jersey’s Health Technology Day. It was a non-stop event from 7am until 10pm and we made sure that everyone, from developers to healthcare workers and even a couple of Ministers met with the Samsung team! Read more.

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